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Before Chilli Fest UK (CF.UK) became Chilli Fest UK it originally started out as a favour to help out a friend who is event’s

co-ordinator for a local council in the south east of England. I was simply asked to put forward a few ideas that would uplift and bring together the community.


The Idea I proposed was a chilli fiesta. I was then asked to come up with the blue print!


Encouraged to take on this task of putting together a blue print for this event for that council, the founder of CFuk spent the next several months putting together what was to become a national chilli phenomena with thousands of followers in the UK and overseas.


After the successful debut of CF.UK's first chilli fiesta in 2011 the founder of CF.UK started putting together the foundation of CF.UK's core objectives and philosophies that would eventually drive the founder to organising more chilli fiestas working closely with councils and districts nationwide.


Our chilli fiestas mainly focused on small cities, town and villages and all these fiestas would be free of charge to the public,  as these events are mainly community based celebrated in a chilli festive environment.


Chilli Fest UK Objectives and Principles


Partnership Working

Community Spirit












A festival, mela, carnival or fiesta is "not" determined by size as some may think, but is all about the community coming together, meeting old friends and making new ones, bringing in a harmony and atmosphere of joy, peace and love. Chilli Fest UK takes this approach and follows this to the letter, free admission to the people visitors get to encounter something which is rarely seen in this case a day of chilli mayhem.


The community also gets to meet the people behind the event too and meet chilli producers one on one. It is just been our mission for some years now to bring together not just communities, but the best chilli producers from all over the UK for this kind of activity. It is a simple idea that does not need constant tampering with and it is this very approach Chilli Fest UK has proven year after to year to be very successful, working alongside with local districts creating these community-based fiestas. It is fun, not always that simple, but always fun and more importantly blessing for Chilli Fest UK, for which everyone here at Chilli Fest UK is deeply grateful.


Although Chilli Fest UK is a non profit organising events group, CF.UK also work closely with small local charities. One of the founder’s objective is to also give something back and what better way is there then to help a local charities raise money & awareness for their causes.


Chilli Fest UK chilli fiestas are not huge and it's never been there intention too make them that way. We attract chilli producers & suppliers, which we believe are the leaders in the chilli scene, in a independent chilli industry which is very small in comparison with other event genres and markets. This still makes Chilli Fest UK very different from the rest, one of those differences is that its all about chilli and nothing else, we won't mix other genres in our events which are not chilli related, hence why we say when asked why people come to our events? we reply, "People come to Chilli Fest UK events to simply suffer pain of eating chilli, a celebrate day of chilli mayhem with us".


You could say this is Chilli Fest UK's pick up line (I would not advise anyone to use this line if your trying to get a date), also we do this everywhere bringing chilli mayhem right to the heart of the people, one could also say "right in your front yard" and we love it. This journey has unknowingly for Chilli Fest UK created it's own small economy all unto itself, creating a following which in turns creates a stream for the small independent chilli producers both established and or start ups. Other benefits is the creation of new customer bases, opening of new markets, awareness, loyal customers, bringing communities together and the list goes on and on, Chilli Fest UK have also ended up on TV & radio too.


One would not say the founder of Chilli Fest UK takes his role seriously, if he did he would need a holiday or time out, but he does love doing this while still holding down his own job. This ongoing journey has personally inspired the founder in more ways than the founder of Chilli Fest UK can explain. What Chilli Fest UK will stand by is it's philosophies, which have been laid down and will continue to expand its services bringing chilli mayhem to your door.


Chilli Fest UK do not ask the public for donations, but instead ask the public here in the UK & overseas to support Chilli Fest UK by joining us on Facebook , following us on twitter, sharing our posts and simply spreading the word. Just this action alone on your part inspires us to do more and continue to push forward to do better.


Please support Chilli Fest UK




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